Monday, June 7, 2010

Did you get loved enough?

This is the week leading up to Jon's tragic accident. I have had lots of "thinking time" as school is out and my days are more of my own. This past week we traveled to San Diego to spend some time with Josh and to relax in a beautiful place. When I was at the ballgames I noticed those 9-10 year old boys and it reminded me so much of days past. Those days when we took our children to see a ballgame in Atlanta and how much fun we would have. Memory is a precious thing!
I was watching a movie Friday night. There was a line in this movie that nearly blew me away! I'll try to explain what had happened. There was a young girl in love with her childhood sweetheart. He was about to go off to the war so they were spending most of their time together. He left and she went on with her life. Then it happened, the word came...he was dead. Life went on and later she married another man whom people say she just "settled" for. They had 4 children and fussed and fought all of the time. Now the children are grown and the husband has come to grips with all that this life has dealt him. He does love his wife and whatever she can give him. He has come to visit his older daughter. She has been remembering the fighting that had gone on with her parents and as she is talking to her dad (whom she loves dearly and has shared so much with) she says, "Daddy, did you get loved enough?" Wow! What a question...did you get loved enough? I've thought about that statement so much lately and wondered how those closest to me would answer that question. I want to love enough and I want those close to me to feel like they are loved enough! I want to look for what is good, true and beautiful in each person I'm with. I want to let them know that we don't have to let the world squeeze us into its own mold. That each one is unique and valuable in the eyes of one else is quite like you. No one has your life history, your viewpoint, your looks or your special gifts. Love like there is no tomorrow...because there may not be. "Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God." I John 4:7

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