Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A God Story

One of the sweet reminders Christmas brings is that God shows up in the most unlikely places. Not just in the big, fancy churches, but out among the everyday folks. In the storefronts and shelters, in all of lifes troubles and uncertainties-the days when it feels like "there's just no room in the inn." God's right there with us--powerful and poor alike--guiding and loving us the way only He can do. What a sweet promise to cling to. What a wonderful reason to praise His holy name!

I don't know if it is well known that a portion of the chain Jon wore around his neck was found in the car following his accident. I took the pieces to a local jeweler and they made a bracelett with the pieces adding Jon's birthstone and those of Josh, Ginger and Rhett. I thought it was beautiful. Friday somewhere between home, school, and the Sugar Plum market it fell off my wrist. I didn't notice it until late that night. That next morning I just told myself that if God wanted me to find my bracelett He would find it for me...I called someone working at SP Market and someone who was going to be at Mars Hill for a ballgame Sat. morning to just look around and see if they found it. I did pray about finding it knowing and believing that if it were meant to be I would find it. That night I got a call. Someone found my bracelett somewhere in the gym and put it in the concession stand so it would be found easily. WOW. I am so thankful to have found my sentimental bracelett with God's help!

This morning an angel called and wanted to put my Christmas tree up. Now you have to know someone loves you if they volunteer to put your Christmas tree up!! I have been struggling emotionally the last few days knowing that the holidays were going to be harder than I thought. I have just not been into the Christmas decorating thing, but was trying to do the best that I could. What a blessing it was to come home to a beautifully decorated tree. I am so thankful for loving, caring friends who are the living, breathing image of God here on this earth.

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  1. I love the idea of the bracelet. What a precious treasure! I'm so glad you found it! And you're right---it's absolutely amazing how God puts certain people in your day-to-day life who call at just the right time or who know just what you need without even asking....what a true blessing true friends are!